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My name is Paul Bell and I am a Councillor with the Central Highlands Regional Council. As a member of my community I have accepted the roles of Chair of the Emerald Neighbourhood Centre, CTM Links, Access Acommodation and Central Highlands Health Care.

I am very interested in establishing a new Social Enterprise group on the Central Highlands based in Emerald that will deliver services and create value that can reinvested in our region. We have a number of small NGOs that are locally ran and operated but are totally reliant on the normal programs that come and go. We need more resilience in our Local community sector and Social Enterprise practice is working in other places and we want to give it a red hot go in the Highlands.

As Chair of the EDSDA ( Emerald and District Social Development Committee) which is the Inc organisation that runs the Emerald Neighbourhood Centre I like the look of your Orgaisation and want to join the team.

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