180 Painting Services

180 Painting Services is Marist180’s multi-award winning social enterprise. We provide commercial painting services in South East Queensland, and Western Sydney. Our primary purpose is to create employment for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders as apprentices. We provide structured paid employment, expert on the job training, and well developed support systems to help change the […]

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SEED provides COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE, COMMERCIAL CLEANING, AND RESIDENTIAL GARDENING services to a wide range of customers including the State Government (EDQ), Brisbane City Council, Community Housing Providers, Goodstart Childcare, and many more while serving as sustainable and supportive employment for people who are long term unemployed and excluded from the traditional labour market. SEED […]

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yourtown (formerly BoysTown) is one of the pioneers of work-based social enterprises in Australia, having provided over 2,200 young people with paid work experience and training over the last 15 years. Our social enterprises currently operate in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia, funded primarily through the delivery of fee-for-service contracts with […]

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