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Queensland Social Enterprise Council is pleased to announce a new series of workshops on the essentials of planning, starting and running a social business. We’ll cover everything from the vital “need to know” factors, strategic planing models, and learning from social enterprises local and overseas, to more specific areas like starting a co-operative, crowdfunding your enterprise, and more. 

Join us for the whole series with a great value season pass, or dive in to a specific topic.

Currently announcing four workshops in the series (stay tuned for more):

  • March 21: Social Enterprise Intro &  Essentials
    Emma-Kate Rose, Co-Owner Food Connect / Chair QSEC
    Amelia Salmon, Founder Just Earth / Mgmt Committee QSEC
  • April 18: “Business Model Canvas for Social Enterprise
    Ingrid Burkett, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation
  • May 16: “Crowdfunding and Community Building
    Tom Dawkins, CEO StartSomeGood
  • June 20: “How to Start a Co-Operative
    Richard Warner, Nundah Community Enterprises Co-operative
  • Stay tuned for Workshop Five with CQUniversity (TBA shortly)

15% OFF WITH A 2018 SEASON PASS or book individual workshops below.

This project is proudly funded by a Community Development and Capacity Building Grant from Brisbane City Council.

As part of our ongoing partnership with CQUniversity through their Social Innovation team, we are pleased to be holding the series at their excellent Ann Street campus, with the exception of Workshop 1 (being at Fishburners, Queen Street).


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WORKSHOP 1: Social Enterprise Intro and Essentials (March 21)
10am-2.30pm @ Fishburners, Queen Street
Amelia Salmon, Just Earth and SPIRAL Community Hub
Emma-Kate Rose, Food Connect and Qld Social Enterprise Council

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In this workshop, Emma-Kate starts you off with an overview of the principles and key examples of social enterprise locally and farther afield, and then jumps in to guiding you through the art of the Elevator Pitch.

After a catered lunch, Amelia takes on the practicalities of operating as a social enterprise, touring the ins and outs of business models, understanding relevant legal structures, and introducing some pointers on seeking investment for startup and growth finance.

If you are currently looking to start a social enterprise, looking for ways to increase the social impact of your enterprise, or looking to scale a social enterprise already in operation, this is the perfect learning opportunity.



WORKSHOP 2: Business Model Canvas for Social Enterprise (April 18)
10am-2.30pm @ CQUniversity, Ann Street
Ingrid Burkett, The Australian Centre for Social Innovation

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Work hands-on with your Business Model Canvas under the guidance of one of our most inspirational pracademics, Dr Ingrid Burkett, who has adopted the business model canvas specifically for social enterprise.

The Business Model Canvas is a simple way to represent your business plan in a visual manner, and to put the various aspects of the plan into a very accessible context. This platform is commonly used to grow concepts to a workable business plan, facilitating things like formulation, development, strategy, communication and competitive analysis.

It is recognised as a vital step in business by the likes of NASA, Microsoft and Deloitte. You can get it for free here, along with a broad wealth of related insights and resources.



WORKSHOP 3: Crowdfunding and Community Building (May 16)
10am-2.30pm @ CQUniversity, Ann Street
Tom Dawkins, StartSomeGood

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Learn to find, inspire and build a community to support your project from ideas to impact, straight from Tom Dawkins, co-founder and CEO of the industry-leading StartSomeGood Crowdfunding platform. This workshop is designed to capture the essentials for both campaign-ready project creators and anyone simply interested in finding out about this new and effective pathway to growth and social capital.

The strength of Tom’s approach is the sharp focus on core community-building strategies – identifying why people care and give, architecting the right stories to inspire support, and sharing those stories with the right communities and personas. Whether your purpose is about launching one or more of your social enterprise’s offerings, or more generally about building support for a project with social impact, this is where you get started.

Projects with StartSomeGood’s crowdfunding platform have raised just under $11 million dollars across 860 projects, with the highest project success rate in cause crowdfunding. Tom is a leading Australian crowdfunding educator.



WORKSHOP 4: How to Start a Co-Operative Enterprise (June 20)
10am-2.30pm @ CQUniversity, Ann Street
Richard Warner, Nundah Community Enterprises Co-operative

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Learn how to start and operate a co-operative enterprise, owned and controlled by members – a tradition of Social Enterprise of which provides a livelihood to three billion people, has 1000 million members and has proved one of the most successful and adaptable on the planet.

This workshop will lead participants through “How to Start a Co-op” developed by the Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals. Richard Warner, coordinator of Australian Social Enterprise of the year in 2015 Nundah Co-op, will assist participants to develop co-operative ideas in a fun and collaborative workshop setting. Richard will be presenting alongside member-workers of Nundah Co-op, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.