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Far North Queensland, often referred to as Tropical North Queensland or FNQ, is a region that is extraordinarily rich in natural beauty and resources. It is the location of three World Heritage Sites, including Riversleigh, Australia’s largest mammal fossil site, the Wet Tropics of Queensland including the Daintree Rain Forest, and the Great Barrier Reef. A common description of FNQ is as the region where the rainforest meets the reef and there are many locations on the coast where this can be seen. The region has many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities, representing two of the oldest continuous cultures in the world. FNQ is also home to many social enterprises and the Social Enterprise Network for the Tropics [SENT]. This network works primarily across FNQ and is focused on developing a supportive eco-system for social enterprises and enabling them to achieve their social, cultural, economic and environmental missions in the region.

Regional Champion: Narayan Gopalkrishnan

Dr. Narayan Gopalkrishnan is the founding chair of the Social Enterprise Network for the Tropics (SENT). Over several years he has been bringing together all the key stakeholders in the region to support the establishment and development of social enterprises in FNQ. He also been instrumental in developing social enterprise as a key research area within James Cook University in Cairns.

Contact: narayan.gopalkrishnan@jcu.edu.au

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For a full run down of what's happening in the region visit: https://www.sentfnq.com.au/news/

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