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About Banyan Community Governance

The business was founded by Leonore Miller and started trading on 22 August 2019.

The big idea is that governance guidance services foster community resilience. Governance is so much more than the necessary regulatory requirements. Fundamentally, it’s about how we operate collectively. It’s about facilitating secure place-times where people are able to creatively express themselves and appreciate the wealth of interests that others bring with them to the social enterprise.

Banyan Community Governance is all about developing the knowledge and skill foundations that incorporated associations, and their individual members, need in order to support the governance of their organisation in ways that reflect the combined aspirations and potential of everyone involved.

Generally speaking, services are initiated through conversation around needs identification and analysis, which is followed by the co-designing, developing, implementing and evaluating of outcomes. Participants get to go beyond their own self-discovery to the appreciation of other people, their journeys, and what they wish to contribute to their current and future roles.

Services can be provided wherever and whenever the organisation, or the individuals, request. My first preference is for in-person, round the table, small groups. I'll come to you. If that’s not practical, we could also connect online through software such as Zoom and, if we open the video link, we're still face-to-face.

Phones and emails also work well…

Business Address:
BUNDABERG, Wide Bay-Burnett 4670

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