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Investment Specialist/ Impact Consultant

While traveling through some of the poorest and most polluted parts of the world in my early twenties, I felt deeply inspired to help the planet and people in need.

This led me to start a program for boys at risk when I returned to Australia in the early 2000's - my first social enterprise. Although the boys benefited from the program, some couldn't afford to pay and, unfortunately, I didn't have the skills or resources at the time to win any grants. After discovering a wealthy entrepreneur who had built a school for kids at risk out of his own profits, I became inspired to learn more about money.

Since then, I’ve spent over 15 years working in purpose-based businesses and with investors seeking to generate positive impact with their money. I am one of the Gold Coast’s leading advisers specializing in ethical investing and sustainability. I have helped hundreds of individuals not only get better returns with their money but also achieve positive outcomes for the planet and people in need.

I believe every choice we make impacts the world around us and by connecting deeply with our purpose, we have the potential to add extraordinary value in whatever we do. I currently sit on the board of a couple of not-for-profits and I help organisations to define, measure & demonstrate their impact.

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