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Maia Kshemya – Positive Futurist :-)

Maia's innovating, entrepreneurial, visionary, uber-creative, problem-solving mind was born into a body that just can't keep up! She has over the years passed many ideas on to others, while many other ideas are sitting dormant until she can find avenues for them (whether by passing them on, or finding collaborators to join with to develop them). In recent times, isolation has been her biggest stumbling block, and she is excited to discover QSEC and looks forward to participating. She would love to develop some of the ideas that she knows for sure can make a big difference.

Her background is in public relations; media (including photo-journalism and a published self-help media guide); public education; training; coaching/counselling/mentoring/mediating; composing and recording 'music for the aspiring heart of humanity' and various projects intended to bust stress and suffering - all the while inviting people into a more self-empowered, positive embracing of themselves and each other and greater possibilities for the future.

Her default style is enthusiasm and resolute positivity as she advocates for the planet and social issues, and all of her focus is all about keeping our eyes on the prize, re-framing reality and contributing to the creation of a new earth reality in which we all thrive.

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