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The Yunus Centre, Griffith University

Social business is an umbrella term for organisations that trade to achieve social impact, environmental sustainability, and community benefit – it’s about using business as a force for good.

By combining mission-led and commercial approaches, the social enterprise model appeals equally to purpose-led entrepreneurs and community sector organisations seeking greater independence, innovation, and financial sustainability. Terms often used interchangeably with social business include social enterprise, community enterprise, and ‘profit-with-purpose’ businesses.

The purpose of the Yunus Centre is to equip people with the knowledge, capacity, and opportunities to innovate and create social impact through business. We are interested in how total societal impact can be created through new models of innovation, entrepreneurship, and enterprise.

The Yunus Centre will deliver this mission through four interconnected strategies that harness the resources of Griffith University and our networks:

  1. Specialised learning and development – we provide relevant, high-quality, and learner-focused education in the field of social innovation, entrepreneurship, and enterprise. This includes short courses, community events, online classrooms, extended programs, work integrated learning, and professional development.
  2. Supporting innovation – we support innovation in the field and facilitate ecosystem development. This includes getting behind innovators and strategic initiatives with resources curated from across the University. Also, collaborating with others to create the conditions for more social entrepreneurs and enterprises to succeed.
  3. Evidence and insight – we offer independent expertise, evidence-based analysis, and responsive research. This includes convening dialogues, diagnosing gaps in knowledge and capacity, and identifying opportunities for high-impact interventions. Also, supporting decision-makers with independent analysis to inform strategies, policies, & program design.
  4. Global connectivity – we build partnerships and initiate collaborations around the world that enable an exchange, and development, of talent, knowledge, and best practice.
Business Address:
L03_2.12 The Yunus Centre, 68 University Drive, Meadowbrook QLD, Greater Brisbane 4131

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