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The City of Gold Coast is diverse a landscape of people, places, and experiences. Within its 415 square kilometre boundaries the Gold Coast offers regions characterised by their coastal, cosmopolitan, rainforest, rural, man-made and pristine environments. The Gold Coast is all about the transient lifestyle with our community constantly growing, a place many from diverse backgrounds are now calling home, a popular holiday destination and also a place for many now to start up thriving businesses. The people that it attracts are mostly those with a deep love and passion for living a “conscious” life with and hand made boutiques and super food cafes a plenty, where sipping a coffee from a keep cup is the social norm and having your laptop at the beach is a site commonly seen.

Regional Champion: Candice Olivier

Candice is activating international positive change, providing an inspiring voice on how to use scale to maximize positive outcomes for business, people and the environment.  Candice is an experienced operational pioneer & leader, having overseen multiple large-scale business start-ups & social impact. Action-focused efficiency is the driving force behind her momentum; supported by a wealth of knowledge in creating business value & proven mechanisms for executing expansive strategic agendas.


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