2021 Good Giving Guide

Welcome to QSEC's 2021 Good Giving Guide!!

Do you want to make a difference with your dollar?
From law firms to coffee shops and everything in between, social enterprises are businesses built for good.

Check out our QSEC Directory for more inspiring businesses in your local area, so you too can #switch2good and buy from a social enterprise this Christmas, and every time you shop! Then make sure you spread the word and tell the story of how this gift is RE-Giving for lasting good!

This guide was born in response to a growing consumer demand for business to address the real issues of climate change, social inequities and cultural disadvantaged faced by so many locally and abroad.

In a post-pandemic world, we are asking people to make a positive action with every transaction and switch to good. Social enterprises are businesses who don’t just make great products and services, they make a lasting difference to the lives of marginalised groups, to build a more responsible approach to trade and to lean into the solutions toward a more sustainable future.

We have released this guide just prior to Christmas 2021, to highlight a small selection of Queensland social enterprises who go beyond business as usual, not just through the festive season… but every day of the year.

Top tips on Good Giving include:

1. Is the product sustainably/ethically sourced?

2. Does it reuse/reduce/recycle/redesign resources for impact?
3. Does it provide jobs/income/support for marginalised groups?
4. Is it culturally appropriate/respectful?
5. Can I re-tell the impact story

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