To everyone who joined us on June 26 for our networking drinks with the Yunus Social Business Centre Griffith, thank you for helping us pull off another great meetup for social enterprise in Queensland.

It was a real highlight to see the questions and discussion coming from the crowd following Professor Evan Douglas’ run down of conditions in social business. It’s clear that, as the sector develops, greater scrutiny is being placed on how we measure and define impact, and on what can be learned from stories farther afield.

It was great to hear also from IMPACT Social Enterprise president Jarred Turner. Along with the new Yunus Centre, the work of the young people at IMPACT shows how the “social” is increasingly central to all vocations.

Our next Drinks is in August. QSEC organises the drinks to generate links and discussion in social enterprise, and for innovators to present their adventures and learnings, and to answer any questions our attendees might have.