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(1) Commercial Laundry and (2) Recycling and Collections

NEW Image Laundry Services is a leading Bundaberg commercial laundry operation based at 4 Inglis Court, Bundaberg. New Image Laundry serves the accommodation, hospitality, medical and allied health industries and also offers a high quality full linen hire service. We are committed to working to meet all guidelines set by the Australian Standards AS/NZS 4146.2000 for the collection, loading, storage and sorting, disinfecting, washing and delivery of linen. Whether you are a hospital, a large aged-care facility or a family-run hotel, New Image Laundry can structure a pricing system that caters to your individual business needs. Since launching as a commercial laundry early in 2018, New Image Laundry now employs 18 staff. New Image Laundry services Bundaberg and surrounding districts, including Childers, Gin Gin and Bargara. The laundry is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 3.30pm.

Recycling and Collections - The Material Recovery Facility is owned by Bundaberg Regional Council, but managed by IMPACT Community Services. All of the waste from council's yellow-top bins is sorted at the facility on University Drive. IMPACT employs about 27 workers with disabilities under the Australian Government's Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) for the task.
A supportive work environment is provided where workers can reach their potential in this field of work. The facility has a motivated and happy workforce; some have been with IMPACT for more than 30 years. Each week the facility processes about 38 council kerbside truck loads of recycling. This equals about 130 tonnes of recyclable waste. The content is hand sorted, baled and sold to be made into new products. We also process commercial recycling which is about 40 tonnes per week.
Office, Recycling facility Description of Activities carried out at IMPACT Community Services Limited. Recycling Hub at 78 University Drive Bundaberg QLD.
Co- Mingled Product: Bundaberg Regional Council Kerbside recycling Bins are collected, transported, and unloaded at IMPACT R&C daily except for Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Commercial Operators Such as Cleanaway collect Co-Mingled product by Front lift Bins from commercial businesses throughout the Bundaberg Region. This is then transported to IMPACT R&C. All co-mingled product is unloaded directly from Compactus Trucks onto large belts that feed into the MRF where product is hand sorted into relevant product streams - Aluminum, Steel, Glass, Plastics, PET Clear/Coloured, HDPE, Liquid Paper Board, Cardboard, Paper Commons. Residual product from this process is sent to Landfill. Collected Product is the stored in large bales 250-750KG until sold to Recyclers Nationwide.
Cardboard: IMPACT collect Cardboard from Commercial customers under contract to Visy Paper recycling daily. This product is baled into 750KG bales then onforwarded to Visy Recycling at Gibson Island Brisbane.
Drum muster: Farming Chemical drums are collected from surrounding Agricultural Farms. These drums have been tripled washed as per Aust Standards Requirements. These drums are then baled into 250kg bales and resold to Plastics/Metal recyclers.
AG Bags: IMPACT is a delivery destination for 1-ton Bulka Bags or Ag Bags. These bags are the baled into 250kg bales and on sold to Bag recyclers.
Container Exchange Program (COEX): Products that are eligible under the COEX scheme (Plastic/Aluminum/Glass) are collected from Container Refund Points throughout Bundaberg including an IMPACT site. This product is baled and on sold to recyclers. Glass is stored in Bunkers until sufficient qty is available for transport to OI in Brisbane to be processed into Glass Cullet.

Phone: 0429643961
Business Address:
108 Bargara Road, Bundaberg, Wide Bay-Burnett 4670

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