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Our bread and butter is making homecooked meals. The reason why we place such an emphasis on cooking meals is that food truly is a way to the heart. It is the perfect foundation to help facilitate conversations, create a community and bring joy to people’s lives. When you provide a meal for someone in need, we have realised it means so much more than just food. We see it as an opportunity to make friends and break down barriers. Most people often forget how lonely life can be. Parts of society have become accustomed to the fact of homelessness that individuals often feel invisible, isolated and overlooked. It is this stigma that pushes people further away further and can lead to certain individuals making poor choices. This is the ultimate reason why we started. we want to provide wholesome meals and to engage in conversations that bring joy to someone’s day. It may seem small but it makes a world of difference as we have noticed.

Dig In: has been established by university students to be one of the most inclusive charities in Brisbane. We value working together as a community and aim to achieve this by collaborating with individuals from all walks of life to help those in need. Different people bring different skills, perspectives and ideas.


Phone: 0412629039
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suite 27, 20 Park Rd, Greater Brisbane 4064

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