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Imagine the happiness, excitement and freedom of being able to hear sounds around you for the first time. It’s an amazing milestone receiving a cochlear implant, but it’s only the first part of the journey, because then there is the process of learn to identify what the sounds mean.  It's like trying to drive a sport car when you don't have a licence or never driven a car before. As someone with hearing loss, it can be challenging to adapt to the new way of hearing the world around you. 

At Hearoes we empower those with hearing loss from all walks of life to new sounds, confidence and well-being to help them turn hearing loss into a hearing gain and thrive in the hearing world around them. We achieve this by delivering an app which utilises gamification to cover the whole auditory training experience. By providing an accessible, engaging and rewarding training experience as well as working closely with clinicians, we can help maximise outcomes together.

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155 Queen St, Brisbane, Greater Brisbane 4000

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