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Jegoa Grows is an innovative pop up growing system that has removed the barriers for growing healthy and nutritious food where-ever you are. The grow bags are low maintenance, easy to assemble, able to be placed on any flat surface making it accessible for those with limited mobility, use 4 times less water than traditional growing methods, and last for years so can be reused again and again. 

In the last few years in Australia, we have seen devastating bush fires, severe droughts and now the global COVID pandemic making it even more challenging to get access to healthy organic and nutritious food that doesn’t cost the earth. In 2020 we are still living in a hungry world.   

Working within food rescue charities Heart futures and Ozharvest helped us understand how precious our resources are and how reliant we are on others for our food source, highlighting the need to be more self-sufficient.  

Jegoa Grows social enterprise wants to produce and sell bags to individuals, community groups and charities with profits used to donate bags to those in need and run community-based projects through our Hungry to Learn initiative. 


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