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Mindsettle is an Australian Profit-for-Purpose enterprise. We create evidence-based solutions that improve wellbeing and build mental resilience. Our approach draws together art, science and technology to bring calm to a variety of settings.

Founder, Lisa Behan, combined her project management experience, respectful communication style, artistic abilities and contemplative practice to develop wellbeing innovations.

Studies show that observing nature on a screen can lower heart rates, speed healing, reduce requests for pain medication, decrease levels of stress hormones, and increase a sense of calm and wellbeing.

This mindful content is designed to bring the restorative and calming benefits of nature to your organisation to:

* improve health care environments
* create a calmer treatment/hospital experience

* be non-invasive + non-medical
* provide appropriate, restorative content
* create less stressful working environments
* eliminate language barriers

“Viewing nature is positive for health, particularly in terms of recovering from stress, improving concentration and productivity, and improving the psychological state, especially of people in confined circumstances such as prisons, hospitals, and high-rise apartments/ high-density living.” Researcher, Elizabeth Lines

Mindsettle has collaborated with scientists and artists. Together we produce high quality content featuring (mostly) Australian nature scenes.

How it works

Immediate positive impact, with minimal disruption. Our digital content is compatible with existing and future technology. Mindsettle is available to your organisation as a Licence + Subscription package or a customised content service is available by request.

Phone: 0434 486 690

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