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Mu’ooz Eritrean Restaurant and Catering

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Mu’ooz Eritrean Restaurant and Catering

Mu’ooz, means “tasty and healthy” in ‘Tigrinya’, the language of Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia.

The restaurant is a Brisbane-based not-for-profit social enterprise and registered charity, established by Eritrean refugee women through their Eritrean Australian Women and Family Support Network (EAWFSN). Located in West End, the social enterprise serves traditional Eritrean and African cuisine and trades with the primary goal of providing employment, training and work experience opportunities for disadvantaged refugee and migrant women from new and emerging communities. Most of these women have been newly arrived refugees who have never worked outside their own homes. Engagement with Mu'ooz builds their knowledge, skills and self-confidence, has a positive impact on their feelings of well-being and self-worth and increases their chances of meaningful and sustainable employment.

Phone: 07 3844 8378
Business Address:
Greater Brisbane

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