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Do good, save time and get paid with your eligible containers. We all want to do the right thing when it comes to recycling. RECAN is here to make it easier, more accessible and cause-specific. No longer will time-constraints, mobility issues and lack of knowledge be an excuse. Now you have the power to customize the way you recycle.

With RECAN's door--to-door eligible container collection service for homes, businesses and events. All you need to do is to collect your empties and book your pick-up with a full bag of more than 100 containers. Our drivers will pick-up, count and credit your account within 24 hours along with an impact report. You can redeem your credits through Giftpay at major retail shops or use them to support a cause-worthy local project of your choice. A small deduction of $5 credit per bag is all you need to share in order to - create more local jobs, reduce carbon footprint while recycling, get your money back to keep or use to support a great cause to revive the community, reduce recyclables ending up in landfills or waterways. Oh wait, did we mention saving your precious time and energy by not having to load your car with smelly empties, driving to a depot, waiting in a queue, having to bring back what was not accepted?

What are you waiting for? Create a free account at www.recan.co and take a smarter step towards sustainability for all.



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