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Sister Power Australia (SPA) is about empowering Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) women to take agency of their own life situations and create employment and well-being for them and their community.

We believe every woman has the potential to make great change. Immigrant women come to Australia in search of better opportunities, they are often vulnerable to poverty and discrimination and face many barriers in their day to day life, making it harder for them to achieve economic security and to advance in their careers. There are many cultural, political and social forces threatening to force these women into the shadows, denying them of their rights and their voices which will remain unheard.

SPA has one purpose to give each woman the confidence they need to build better lives for themselves, their families and communities through skills training and education. Empowerment has become increasingly associated with refugee participation, self-help and the involvement of community organisations.

We will provide women with access to information, so they know their rights and how to access information. Skills so they can start and grow their own businesses or find employment. Resources, like bank loans, understanding the consumer's rights, taxation, etc so they can grow their own businesses. Understanding they have a place in the community, so they can lean on each other and have somewhere to go when they need guidance.

Phone: 07 5453 7305
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Sunshine Coast, Sunshine Coast

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