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The Gap Local Organic Cooperative

The Gap LOCO provides certified organic fruit, vegies, groceries etc to supporters via a local home delivery service and a shop front (currently 2 days per week). All workers in the co-op are also directors involved in all decision making (by consensus). Workers/directors are all paid the same hourly rate (minimum wage).

We seek:

  • To develop and promote a model of doing business in an ethical, sustainable, environmentally and socially enhancing way.
  • To operate as a work co-operative, registered with the dept of Fair Trading (1 of only 3 registered in QLd)
  • To provide work opportunities based on the values of mutuality, consensus decision-making equality.
  • To provide certified organic food that is accessible and affordable in a way that looks after the consumer; the workers; the farmers and the planet.
Phone: 0733669339

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