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The Sideshow Hub West End

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The Sideshow Hub West End

The Sideshow West end is a community space run by creatives who are passionate about sharing a variety of art
forms to a wider audience. It is also a hub for a number of not-for-profit and community minded organisations and individuals. The Sideshow hub has been a space where so many different communities and groups have been able to gather, create, celebrate and thrive. From visual artists, to fitness and health classes, dancers, acrobats, campaigners, opera, social support groups, cabaret's and shindigs. The Sideshow Community is huge and includes a wider group of about 5000 people. Located at 49 Vulture st West End, this space plays an integral part in the ecology of culture, arts and social community in Brisbane, offering space for community minded individuals and organisations.


Phone: 0490430923
Business Address:
49, Vulture Street, west end 4101

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