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Waste Less Australia is a startup social enterprise with a vision to help communities move towards and achieve a circular economy by engaging consumers on what actions they can take with waste disposal and sustainable product purchases.

Our goal is drive up Australia's current recycling rate from around 50% to full recycling, and drive down landfill waste.  We will connect consumers with manufacturers and retailers who supply sustainable products that contribute to a circular economy.  The impacts of these changes should see a reduction in plastic and other contaminants in our oceans, river systems and land based ecosystems.

We will achieve our goals through an online engagement platform with community residents and consumers, and local business providing sustainable products, that focusses on providing real time knowledge about best practice waste disposal and how to achieve a future circular economy.

80% of profits from Waste Less Australia will be donated to community based non profit organisations who are engaging people and performing important environmental clean up work and ecosystem protection.  By doing this, Waste Less Australia will not only contribute to prevention of future consequences of poor waste management, but also help remediate the damage to our environment that poor waste management has already created.

Phone: 0438 981 590
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Sunshine Coast

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