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I am a Wellness Specialist. I have a consultancy business providing individual, group, and workplaces with wellbeing support to NGOs and corporate clients.

In late 2019 I developed a wellbeing product, . using a holistic approach to wellbeing and evidence-based in the 5 realms of wellbeing - what people need to include in their daily lives to build resilience and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Bundles are a practical self-care kit you can use at home, at work, or when traveling. The Wellbeing Bundles come in 4 different varieties based on the desired therapeutic effect – balance, calming, healing, and relaxing.  Each Bundle contains a combination of a specific blend of essential oils, instructional booklet, gratitude card, and mediation recording (includes MP3 player, USB charger and earpiece). These items are bundled together and can be used following the instructions in 3 - 4 different ways.

I have created a total of 400 bundles (100 of each type) and have embarked on trying to market and sell them via my contacts and through facebook. I am in the process of learning how I can get the Wellbeing Bundles "out there". It was recommended to me to join BCC Social Enterprise Hub by Dr Lewê Atkinson as part of  Impact Innovation business support being provided to me.

Phone: 0478609053

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