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WorkRestart Social Enterprises is a self-sustaining organisation focused on developing purpose within people, and creating and supporting social enterprises businesses inside and outside of the prison system.

Our challenge is that almost half the people released from prison will re-offend and return within two years (Australia has a 46% recidivism rate). As well as being a huge financial cost to the country; it also creates a ripple effect that negatively impacts families and communities.

Formerly incarcerated people (who have paid their debt to society) have some of the worst health, economic and social outcomes of all Australians. One in six are homeless and 60.5% are still without a job six months after release (2014 Cutcher et. al.), 80% have mental health or drug and alcohol issues.

WorkRestart Social Enterprises breaks this cycle.

We work inside the prison system to help train, educate, build resilience and create hope with incarcerated people, empowering them for a positive future. We also help to establish and work with social enterprises that can provide employment opportunities on release (for example Green Fox Studio the first digital studio established inside a prison in Australia).

Business Address:
Borallon Training and Correctional Centre, 75 Ivan Lane, Ipswich Region 4306

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