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Zerodivide – a place of no division, no limitations! Communication without borders.

This is the creative inspiration for zerodivide productions. Where there are boundless possibilities and nothing holding back the seed of a tale manifesting into a tangible artwork of authentic digital storytelling. A place where stories make a difference through the impact of their Indigenous content and the call to action to right the wrongs, bring awareness to a sensitive issue or share the joy and knowledge of Indigenous wisdom and culture.

We help your truth be told through your cultural lens. Whether its a podcast, short film, virtual reality experience,  online series or other media form. We collaborate with you from the beginning of the project and let your wisdom be the guiding light. We are filmmakers but also facilitators because rather than direct and impose we guide with our film-making skills.

Because we understand that each Indigenous community is unique and has its own lore and cultural nuances  we spend that extra time building relationships and ensuring that everyone is in agreement before moving forward through each stage. We provide community development opportunities through listening to what your needs are and providing the structure to make it possible. Whether that is training in script writing, acting, camera operation, production management or doing a stage play or a film clip - there are no limitations - it is all about communicating and establishing what are going to be the best options for social impact.

Phone: 0407396159
Business Address:
1 Lydia St Kalinga, Greater Brisbane 4030

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