Online Workshops

As part of our commitment to support and strengthen the social enterprise sector in Queensland, QSEC has been proud to provide several workshop series over the years, featuring leading educators across key critical knowledge areas for individuals seeking to start and scale their enterprise and to grow impact.

With support from Brisbane City Council, these workshops are going online. Jump to:

Social Enterprise Introduction and Essentials

If you are currently looking to start a social enterprise, looking for ways to increase the social impact of your enterprise, or looking to scale a social enterprise already in operation, this is the perfect first-stop learning opportunity.

Join Emma-Kate Rose and Amelia Salmon as they provide an overview of the key concepts and landscape of social enterprise and farther afield, and then jump in to some essential guidance for the planning and start-up phases of establishing operations and missions – including building a business model, understanding relevant legal structures, pointers for pitching, and seeking investment and finance.


  • Download the presentation from the original workshop
  • LawRight (previously QPILCH): an organisation providing pro bono legal services to individuals and community groups.
  • Business Model Canvas – see how to apply it to social enterprise in BMC for Social Enterprise with Ingrid Burkett.

Emma-Kate Rose (2020 Chair of QSEC and Executive Director of the Food Connect Foundation) has over three decades of experience in working in business, social justice, environmental sustainability, food system advocacy, and political activism.

How to Start a Co-operative Enterprise

A guided tour from Nundah Community Enterprises Cooperative to laying the foundations for a co-operative enterprise, owned and controlled by members – a tradition of Social Enterprise of which provides a livelihood to three billion people, has 1000 million members and has proved one of the most successful and adaptable on the planet.

This workshop will introduce participants to “How to Start a Co-op” developed by the Business Council of Cooperatives and Mutuals. Richard Warner, founder of NCEC, alongside President Bernard Denny, will assist participants to develop co-operative ideas in a fun and collaborative process.


Richard Warner is coordinator of Nundah Community Enterprises Cooperative, Australia’s best small Social Enterprise in 2015. A Social Worker and Community Development practitioner with experience in Cooperative and Social Enterprise formation, Richard’s primary practice experience has been gained directly working with people with disability as well as people from CALD and refugee backgrounds. He is passionate about social-change which sees those who are disadvantaged achieiving a role, a stake & a fair share in the ownership of wealth.

Bernard Denny serves on the Management Committee of NCEC as President, and is also a worker in the Cooperative in its catering operations through Nundah Espresso Train.