Welcome to the 

Social Enterprise Network – Logan

Established in 2015 as a way to further the conversations and advocacy for local Social Enterprises in the Greater Logan area.

The management committee has agitated for change though positive conversation.

SEN-L has been instrumental in the management of the yearly Forums and Expos run in Logan.

We deliver value by…

Connecting and collaborating

Growing the social enterprise sector

Educating and Learning

Capacity building


Creating opportunities within our community

Meet the Directors

Tony Sharp
Inaugural Chair

My passion lies in creating sustainable social enterprises that create opportunities to people to participate in a supportive work environment as they develop the skills and behaviours they need to work in mainstream workplaces.

As founder of Substation33 it gives me great pleasure to see our operations growing and blossoming on many fronts. Substation33 was just a start-up 8 years ago with the main drive to provide meaningful work and skills development to volunteers and employees, generate social returns for YFS and the Logan community, divert electronic waste from landfill and change the conversations about these important topics in the broader community. In recent years my focus has expanded; encompassing a much broader range of people; and to further develop the ‘Start-up Innovation’ culture in Logan and beyond.

Most recently I have accepted an additional role as Social Entrepreneur in Residence at Griffith Universities Yunus Centre, and as a foundation spokesperson of INNOV8 – Logan. As the 2019 Social Traders – Social Enterprise Champion of the Year it gives me great pleasure to also be Social Enterprise Ambassador for the Australian 2021 SEWF bid.

Stacey Ross

Stacey is the CEO of The Centre For Women & Co and the Director of Brisbane Housing Company. She started her career and discovered her passion for the community sector at the age of 19 and has never looked back. With inspiring ideas, endless desire and the ability to empower others to reach their full potential, Stacey is a dynamic and passionate leader.

Sarai Tuuga

Sarai is a driven, focused and resilient leader with over 15 years’ experience in senior leadership roles in the human services sector. As the Northern Area Manager at Yourtown, she brings extensive knowledge and experience in developing and managing case management, alternative education, training and employment responses and programs for young people.

Tom Allen

Tom is founder & CEO of Impact Boom, a global changemaker community, social enterprise accelerator, events, blog and podcast. Tom is also lecturer at Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University in design, social enterprise, business and marketing related units. Tom is Board Member at QSEC, ImpaQt (QUT Bluebox), and is Social Entrepreneur in Residence at the Yunus Social Business Centre, Griffith University.

Anthony Knobloch

As Director of Education Services at the Queensland Department of Education, Anthony leads the delivery of support services to schools in South East Region, Queensland. In addition, as Director of Training and Skills, Anthony leads the effort to support Queenslanders to achieve a better future through quality skill development and employment, working with industry and business to develop a productive workforce.

Celeste Alcaraz 

Celeste has over 10 years’ experience in the academic, industry, and community sectors. In her role as Innovation Programme Manager for Griffith University Yunus Centre and local regional council she establishes state-wide corporate networks to nurture the rise of economic and social capabilities in regional South-East Queensland. She is also a lecturer at the Griffith Business School.

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