Special Projects

Special projects

Queensland Social Enterprise Council Ltd (QSEC) is contacted by a range of commercial and corporate organisations wanting to engage with social enterprises in relation to a variety of upcoming projects from time to time.

Due to the nature of our core service to members, the requests for additional services for commercial projects are required to be valued in a way that help us maintain our level of service for members and also enable us to undertake the additional work. By placing a value on the work being undertaken, we can then utilise the extraordinary value of our existing resourceful team, or by engaging our trusted eco-system partners to help us maximise opportunities throughout Queensland.

Fair dealing and neutrality principles

As a member-based organisation and the sector peak body in Queensland, QSEC needs to maintain principles of fair dealing and not be seen to favour any particular proponents in relation to any project or process or engagement of social enterprises who may be its members.

While QSEC will use best efforts to comply with the principles of probity relating to treating tender participants fairly and equally, it is not QSECs intention to be a tendering organisation, nor to be a direct party to any bid process and therefore is not in a position to comply with the probity principles to the same extent as an organisation conducting or involved in the tender process. Further, as a member-based organisation it is committed to using member funds in an appropriate manner and has limited resources to expend on managing and monitoring confidentiality and conflict processes requested by commercial operators.

As the sector peak body in Queensland, QSEC through its official representatives, will use best efforts to engage with requests non-exclusively to discuss the state of the sector broadly, the opportunities for engagement with member social enterprises and QSEC's activities and operations to benefit the sector.

QSEC will use best efforts to provide equal access to information to all interested commercial parties, will not actively engage in any conduct that would defeat the purpose of a fair and transparent selection process.

QSEC asks that any tender applicants disclose the minimum amount of confidential information required to engage in a discussion with QSEC in relation to project creation, social procurement and the state of the social enterprise sector.  QSEC will not be held responsible for any loss suffered in connection with any disclosures made to it.

QSEC will also endeavour to work collaboratively with vetted relevant parties to maximise the best outcomes for the development of the social enterprise sector in Queensland.

Additional paid programs of works may be undertaken by QSEC to engage and activate social enterprises according to QSEC’s procurement guidelines, through fee-for-service programs which will be made available transparently and non-exclusively.

For more information on the services and programs being undertaken by QSEC, please contact the CEO directly.

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