Register an annual membership

To be a Member Social Enterprise of QSEC, the entity needs to align with the following criteria. Please consider this when registering:

A Social Enterprise is ‘a business operating for a social purpose’ and will commonly have the following attributes:

  • Social Objectives are core to the purposes and focus of the enterprise
  • Limited distribution of profits and/or distribution of profits with the purpose of maximising social impact – the majority of profits are reinvested in the enterprise and/or an associated social entity and are used to maximise social impact.
  • Mixture of capital inputs – the enterprise is often supported through blending of earned income, grant income and philanthropic income.
  • Blended Value Creation: Generation of social/ecological/ cultural returns (or a combination of these) in addition to a financial return

Please note that groups, associations, individuals, universities and government bodies who have an interest in furthering social enterprise are welcome to register as Associates of QSEC.