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Here’s an idea:

A trades services company, offering competitive rates, high quality work, and most importantly: 100% of profit donated to the world’s most effective charities.

We thought it was not only possible, but about time someone made it happen. So we did. We (Calvin, an electrician, Kat, a community worker, and Jeremy, an environmental engineer) started a social enterprise trades service company, grounded in the ethos of effective altruism. 100% of profits is distributed amongst the most effective charities creating worldwide change in the realms of poverty and health.

In late 2018, we started as a trades company specialising in electrical services, with big plans to grow to encompass all kinds of trades.

In our first year of trade, we donated $80,803 to the Against Malaria Foundation and GiveDirectly, equally split between these two highly effective organisations.

We’re pretty serious about creating change, both globally and right under our noses. Because of that, we’re committed to making sure our business is carbon neutral, gender equitable, and employs people often overlooked by the job market.

Phone: 3180 8812

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