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LIFE 2 offers Retreats, Workshops, Private Sessions and online resources for women who have experienced abuse and violence currently referred to as "domestic violence". Many women are also heavily financially impacted as a result of leaving an abusive relationship, so self care and healing are out of the budget. Life 2 raises the funds needed to provide heavily subsidized places so that access to effective recovery methods is available to all women. Current stats show that 1 in 3 women experience domestic violence. This means that roughly 4 million Australian women have experienced trauma, approximately 85% of who suffer post traumatic stress, and the vast majority have no opportunity to effectively release it and heal the past. There are many organisations who work with women in crisis, but once they have successfully moved on and begun their new life little support is available. In the majority of cases, long term healing from the deep emotional impact simply cannot be achieved. Clients must either cope with their daily challenges alone, or attempt to find the financial resources to pay for private therapies. Life 2 has developed The Life 2 Retreats and Workshops to heal, empower, educate and connect women, providing low cost access to our team and resources. We operate as a Social Enterprise.


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