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The core purpose of LOSE YOUR MIND is to enhance human connection by challenging emotions.

The problem

The Love Out Loud survey found that 70% of people felt DISMISSED when they first told someone they were struggling with their mental health.  But by dismissing people’s emotions, we miss valuable opportunities for human connection.  Disconnection lies at the heart of many social ails such as social isolation, self-harm, drop-out, addiction and suicide.  Building connection by enhancing empathy and confronting the reasons for dismissal should be a priority for our schools, workplaces and communities.

The Solution:

Using an emotionally-driven, empathy education approach, we provide workshops that enhance an individual’s capacity for difficult conversations thereby reducing stigma and the negative consequences of disconnection.  Virtual reality has proven to be effective and efficient tool for building understanding and empathy.  Using fully immersive, 360-degree video, LOSE YOUR MIND connects participants emotionally with the experience of someone suffering a severe mental illness.

Value Propositions

For anyone at risk of suffering or currently suffering a mental illness, LOSE YOUR MIND increases their opportunity for human connection by enhancing the understanding and empathy of those around them.

For workplaces seeking to improve their mental health culture, LOSE YOUR MIND offers a unique, cost-effective, easily accessible educational tool positioning them at the cutting edge of mental health prevention and intervention.  

“The best mental health training I’ve ever done”.  (Chris, Police Officer)

“I just closed my mouth and listened (for once)”(Julie E, CEO)

Using fully immersive, 360-degree video, LOSE YOUR MIND takes you inside the mind and experience of someone suffering a severe mental illness.  LOSE YOUR MIND connects you emotionally to the experience of someone suffering psychosis (hallucinations and delusions) by making you feel confused, afraid and disconnected.  We take you outside your comfort zone and have you view the world from another person’s perspective.  We connect you with the emotion, the fear, the disconnection, the confusion and the isolation of mental illness and embrace those who are suffering with empathy and compassion and create a safe space for communication.

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