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MindCheck helps people and organisations better deal with depression, anxiety and stress.
Born as a personal project, it quickly grew to help thousands of people per month understand their states of depression, anxiety and stress, the possible contributing factors generating or contributing to these conditions, and what to do about it.

MindCheck is a web application that is free and anonymous for the individual user. Our users take a couple of online tests and MindCheck lets them know a bit more about their mental health, what in their lifestyle and life events may be affecting it, and activities they can do to improve on it.

MindCheck for Organisations help businesses and other organisations launch internal mental health campaigns, always guaranteeing the privacy for each individual, but still giving the organisation a Mental Health KPI, a detailed map of which of the 12 science-backed contributing factors are affecting their employees, and what to do to help them out.

Phone: 0415876268
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Greater Brisbane

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