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Myk’s Kefir

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Myk’s Kefir

I am a start up that produces a potent plant-based probiotic drink, which has a fraction of the sugar of fruit juice/soft drinks, and has the added benefit of billions of live friendly gut bacteria. I am dedicated to engaging consumers to the education of gut health, as well as changing behaviour to contribute to a circular economy (bringing back their glass bottles for reuse).

I distribute product and train my customers' staff, who in turn tell consumers and share our message. This has delivered a significant impact in the past 3 years, whereby we have raised funds for Domestic Violence relief from the return of glass bottles which we soak, scrub and sanitise to go back into reticulation (27,500 thus far).

I plan on creating gut health workshops for children and adults to learn about probiotics, prebiotics and and the importance of fibre, as well as knowing where their food comes from. I also plan to launch a kickstarter campaign where they can acquire the raw fermentate to make their own at home without the hassle of actually needing the kit to ferment it.



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Wandering Cooks, 1 Fish Lane, South Brisbane, Greater Brisbane 4101

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