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QSEC is pleased to announce two positions – an Executive Officer,  and an Administration and Communications Support Officer. 

Queensland Social Enterprise Council


Queensland Social Enterprise Council


Queensland Social Enterprise Council


About Queensland Social Enterprise Council

Our Vision

A vibrant, innovative and capable social enterprise sector in QLD that is sufficiently resourced and supported to achieve high social, cultural and environmental impact.

Our Structure

QSEC is an incorporated Association and represents ordinary and associate members. It has a democratically elected management committee.

The Constitution

You can download our constitution as a PDF.

Objectives and Aims

The Queensland Social Enterprise Council exists in order to:

  1. Promote social enterprise
  2. Provide a forum for discussion between social enterprises
  3. Carry out research into social enterprise
  4. Publish and speak on social enterprise
  5. Encourage the development of mechanisms such as social procurement and social enterprises funding for the advancement of social enterprise
  6. Advocate with governments, private sector and the charitable sector to facilitate development of social enterprise
  7. Liaise with other bodies interested in the development of social enterprise

Practice Statements

  1. The contribution of enterprising solutions to challenging social problems
  2. Collaboration with business, government and local communities
  3. A judicious use of resources levered for maximum social impact
  4. Engage a wide group of stakeholders in governance and decision-making

Run by members, for members

Queensland Social Enterprise Council is the peak body democratically representing Social Enterprise in Queensland.

Some of our Members


Documents and resources for the benefit of the social enterprise sector in Queensland and for QSEC members.

  • Funding opportunities
  • Support networks
  • Social procurement
  • and more

Queensland Social Enterprise Stand-up Project

A special 6 month statewide project, directed and owned by a ‘Navigators Group’ of influencers, support organisations and representative bodies.

Stand Up Unconference

A collaborative weekend for doers and changemakers who want to build a collective vision for social enterprise in Queensland.

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Brisbane Social Enterprise is a place where social entrepreneurs and supporters of social enterprise can meet, network, do business, and share stories in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

This Meetup Group is run by The Queensland Social Enterprise Council, which is a democratically representative organisation promoting social enterprise in Queensland. You do not have to be a member of QSEC to attend our Meetups - all are welcome.

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