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What we do:

1. Project: FLOW

BRAVE FACE provides an opportunity for people with mental illness to participate in physical activity programs. The programs are specifically selected and designed to contribute critical factors to health and wellbeing of participants. Programs include activities that are:

  • Physically challenging
  • Mentally stimulating
  • Socially engaging
  • Intrinsically rewarding = FUN & ENJOYABLE!!!!

2. Project: RESPONSE

BRAVE FACE further provides education to all community members as a strategy to increase mental health knowledge and understanding, and reduce self and social stigma in the Australian community. These workshops improve the way mental illness is perceived, and builds skills and confidence that can be utilised by anyone, for anyone, experiencing mental health difficulties.

BRAVE FACE was conceived In recognition of the phenomenal effort applied by people with acute and chronic mental illness. In recognition of the daily accomplishments we commonly take for granted. In recognition of the effort it takes when managing a Mental Illness to get out of bed every single morning; to organise the entire day; to shower; dress; make breakfast for themselves and family; feed and dress the kids; get kids to school on time; go to work; perform; get back to life after days, weeks and months in the mental health unit; get back to work, study, & family. BRAVE FACE is In recognition that there is consistent movement whether the experience is mild, moderate, or severe.
Phone: 0410806386
Business Address:
Queensland, Australia, Sunshine Coast 4558

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