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Calmer Kids' Vision: A world where wellbeing and self-care strategies are taught to children from an early age. Self-regulation and wellbeing techniques are developed as a preventative rather than a curative approach to mental health.

Finding the balance between wellbeing and progress is key for lifelong learning; Neuroscience proves this. Increased anxiety in children and adults means that there is an increasing need to support mental health in education settings. 1 in 7 primary school students will experience some sort of mental health illness and 44% of new teachers are leaving the profession within the first 5 years of teaching. Support is needed in our education settings.

Calmer Kids is a social business whose purpose is to provide educators, parents and children with self-regulation and wellbeing strategies needed to navigate the stresses in modern day life.

Sisters Helen and Michelle use their combined 20 years experience as a school teacher/leader and yoga teacher trainer/mindfulness expert to provide children, educators and parents with easy to use techniques, such a mindful breathing strategies, which they can embed into the school day and into their lives at home.

Phone: 0432654784
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Sunshine Coast

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