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Real Impact for Everyday Aussies

Most understand the numerous health benefits of eating organic produce.  However; this option is simply not accessible for many people on a lower - medium income.  It's not right that personal and family health is compromised because of being priced out.

Feel Good Food Boxes aims to reduce that gap.

We offer a simple stock standard seasonal box of organic fruit and vegetables for singles, couples, average families and large families at differential / income tiered pricing.

High income boxes are sold at a competitive price as per the existing market rate. For every high-income box sold we will offer a lower or medium income box, at a substantially lower cost.

Medium Income boxes will see a discount of 15%.

For Lower Income Boxes, this will mean a discount of 35%, making organic produce accessible. Buying organic produce through us will mean that, on average a lower income earner will pay no more than 15% higher than the cost for the same quantity of non-organic produce at one of the larger grocery stores.

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Sunshine Coast

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