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Food Connect Shed is a social enterprise and regional, local food hub. It is a community-owned space that currently houses 24 local food businesses and not for profits organisations. Think craft sour beer, cheese producers, fermented food makers, OzHarvest food rescue service, social enterprise caterers, and of course Food Connect! We create opportunities for micropreneurs who wouldn’t normally have the means to rent and staff a space seven days a week. For example, a cheesemaker may choose to open a retail space two nights a week at the Food Connect Shed to create better access for customers, or a boutique kefir maker only needs storage and access to check on her babies a couple of days a week before bottling her product for sale.

Quite simply, it just makes sense for the incredible people who champion a truly local, fair and ethical food system to come together in one location. Imagine what could be achieved under one roof with shared resources! What’s even better is that the building we occupy is community owned, putting the power fairly and squarely back in the hands of the people – the growers, makers, eaters and families whose very future depends on a food system that is fair, humane, healthy and good for the environment.

Phone: 0404777491
Business Address:
8 Textile Crescent, Greater Brisbane 4107

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