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Building creative thinking and face-to-face communication skills in the contributors to our future.

Using technology for fast family fun together, away from a screen!

In our busy world, face-to-face social skills are essential to staying connected. After all, families are important, kids are our future and time is hard to find!

My name is Anne-Marie, and my goal is to help parents and carers spend quality time with their kids, doing activities that are fun for everyone. My mission is KidsWantU.

KidsWantU is an instant tool for fun activities to do together with 2–10-year-olds using everyday items, away from a screen. Personalised for each family across interests, ages, place & time available.

Like we cook the same things for dinner, ideas are hard. We give busy parents and carers customised options for fun when there is no thinking energy left.

There are thousands of Apps for kids to use on-screen, but few with instant ideas for face-to-face fun. Our MVP Beta drew strong media attention and over 4000 downloads. End-users told us they were open to engaging within the App and provided excellent feedback for our next release. We have drawn national television coverage and have a funded proof of concept project in place working with 100’s of engaged families to ensure KidsWantU adds value, draws regular recurring use and increases social engagement within families. We’ve also won Qld Community Choice Champion in a national pitching competition.

Following a successful pre-sale crowdfunding campaign, KidsWantU will be launching across Australia in 2020.

You can follow the fun too on Instagram and Facebook!

Empowering parents and carers with time and creative ways to engage with children.

Business Address:
225 Brisbane Terrace, Goodna, Ipswich Region 4300

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