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Mind For Me is a community focused platform built to help people easily exchange help with their friends, their family and their neighbours. People can do this in a fair and affordable way using our points-based approach, Kind Coins, with childminding, pet sitting, care and support for family members and around the home and garden.

Our Mission

To provide individuals and families around the world with a fast, easy and affordable platform to find and exchange minding help. To build genuine interest and desire in providing help the Mind For Me approach builds social support networks and community involvement for the benefit of everyone.

We will be sustainable through giving you continually improving and growing value and benefit through the use of Mind For Me.

Our Vision

We see a Society with old-fashioned community values, where people know their neighbours and don’t think twice with helping each other out. Our future world is one where everyone feels support is close by and no one is alone. We are an engaged and positive community that looks after one another.


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