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Our focus is on improving the lives of those living with a mental health condition, preventing relapses and recurring hospital admissions. Our ultimate goal is to provide short-term or extended term accommodation in a rural setting. We envisage that a farm will provide great scope for social enterprise.

We intend to support those with mental health disorders regain their motivation and interest in life by seeking out suitable hobbies, physical activities, art & music groups or areas of study.

We are aware that there are organisations who are already providing activities and it is not our intention to duplicate services. We have found, however, that many who could benefit from these services are unaware they exist. We are therefore developing the Naradell Information Centre (NIC) commencing with "Naradell Natters" which are monthly meetings focused on sharing information and from which a database will be maintained. We are in the process of liaising with other organisations and enterprises, sharing their services via our Facebook page and entering them on our database so we can share this information at our "Naradell Natters" meetings.

We also have a goal of establishing the Naradell Hub which will be an urban centre providing activities, music performances, cafe and incorporating NIC (Naradell Information Centre).


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