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Spare Harvest is a marketplace for people to exchange what they have spare in their kitchens and gardens.  We harness the sharing and circular economies to reduce waste & consumption, while building social capital.

Members of the Spare Harvest community are sharing excess produce, tools, kitchen scraps, plants, pots, seeds, glass jars and any various garden materials.  Our goal is to keep valuable food and garden resources circulating in our local communities for as long as possible.  Every resource we divert away from landfill, contributes to a better planet.

We partner with the private and public sector to support and enhance their social and environmental impact strategies.  Whether you’re a workplace, association or building, we offer your stakeholders a meaningful way to connect and exchange what they have spare in their kitchens and gardens.  Spare Harvest offers you simple and easy tool to bring people together and foster a strong sense of community.

We have a simple mission, to connect as many people as possible so unwanted and dormant resources sitting in homes are rehomed and used by someone else.

Head to www.spareharvest.com to learn more.  To join for free head to the website or download the app from the app store or google play.  Time to share more and waste less.


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