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Here at The Connection Project, we have identified that Australia is at a crisis point regarding the issue of human connection and its effect on mental health. At an average, we are losing eight Australian lives to suicide every single day. This is a frightening statistic for which we cannot stand by and watch increase year-after-year. We must regain human connection. We aim to make dinner time matter again with our goal of connecting Australians through food and conversation.

The Connection Project is a multi-layered social enterprise which endeavours to make dinner time matter through the facets of education and facilitation. The act of connecting over a shared meal has diminished over the years due to the influx of incredibly busy lifestyles, and greater time constraints. From this human disconnection, we have seen an incredibly alarming increase in mental illness, in particular, the issue of suicide.

We know there is something special to be said about connecting over a meal. We also know there is a powerful human connection to be had. You only have to experience a family dinner for yourself to feel the love and openness there is to share, listen and learn about each other. Now, we do not believe the act of sharing a meal together as the sole solution to mental illness. We are not that naive.

What we do believe, is that a large percentage of those suffering from depression are suffering from a degree of 'environmental depression'; thus meaning their environment is playing an enormous role on their mental state. Just as bees have evolved to need a hive, humans have evolved to need a tribe. Yet, within today's society, these 'tribes' are virtually non-existent. As society has become busier and more digitally connected than ever, we have become the most socially disconnected generation in human history. As a society, we have learnt to prioritise possessions and titles over experiences and connections.  

The Connection Project is made up of four key pillars. Your Prep...this is our meal kit delivery arm delivering cooked components to the family dinner right to the families doorstep. Making family dinner not only incredibly nutritious but also fun, easy and enjoyable for the family to put togetehr..inclduing the kids. Life Warriors...this is our charity, non for profit arm where we physically go into communities, in particular schools and run educational programs around the importance of human connection. How Good's Living...this is our community events arm. Where we bring society together for events with elements of connection and shared experiences.

Phone: 0413 069 561
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82 Ridge St, Greater Brisbane 4120

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